Tech Tuesday……Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet

The fight over tablet market share has officially graduated into a battle royal. After Amazon planted the flag on the mountain for major retailers, Barnes & Noble is now in hot pursuit with the newly announced Nook Tablet. Like the Kindle Fire, the device doesn’t attempt to woo power users with top-notch specs. Instead, it’s all about bang for your buck.
Packed with a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM (double that of the fire), Nook Cloud backup and 16GB (doubling the Fire again) of storage with an expandable SD slot, it’s got all of the guts required for inhaling media. Video was obviously a key focus and the Nook tablet doesn’t disappoint in that area thanks to support for 1080p, deep Netflix and Hulu Plus integrations, a battery capable of nine hours of continuous playback, and an IPS “Vivid View” display, which B&N claims is the first fully laminated screen that provides wider viewing angles and better glare reduction. Those with kids should also appreciate the read and record feature, which may finally put an end to your “read it again!” woes.
The price tag of $249 is the final kicker, which includes free in-store support at any B&N retail location for life as well as Nook Cloud content backup. Pick one up starting next week at B&N, Best Buy, Target or Walmart.

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