Can I get another Round…..

So,   I was at a bar talking to my friend, who gave me this story of how they needed to borrow a few dollars….Of, course it was cool, but the next thing they said was next round on me...


New Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2010

I will be making a call to the local Tom Ford rep for these, I will update post once they become available on websites….

The Jaguar Concept….X75

Jaguar C-X75 Concept with powered by electric motors working in conjunction with “micro gas-turbines”, which also throw in 1180 lb-ft / 1,600 Nm of torque. Jaguar claims the 6-hour-to-charge plug-in sports car has a range of 560 / 900 km miles and an Lithium-ion-only range of 68 miles with a “potential top speed” of 205 mph (330 km/h).

The four 195-horse / 145 kW electric motors are mounted at the corners (one at each wheel) and provide torque vectoring, while the turbines – which can charge the batteries or add 188 horsepower in Track mode – are located centrally in a Texalium-lined compartment. Cooling for the turbines comes from the design of the car itself, which uses integrated channels to move air to the necessary areas.

It has interior sport-lux essentials: leather, neoprene, soft-touch materials, polished and vapor-blasted aluminum, and seats mounted directly to the bulkhead “as in a single-seater racing car”.

Like the Saab and Spyker that the gear shifter, a trick switch in the overhead panel that starts the car, and a “stealth” setting that reduces ambient lighting when in track mode. Also on the “dramatic theater lighting” which lights up various areas of the car when the key fob is detected nearby, as well as certain interior areas when the car is turned on.


The Thursday Cocktail Recipe…for the weeekend

Endless Nude Summer

La Marca Prosecco , Mt, Gay Eclipse rum, Lemoncello,Peach Puree, old fashioned bitters, splash of orange juice, Mint Leaves garnish

Nikon Coolpix P700

Well well -- what's this? Look like all those rumors about Nikon licking its wounds and gunning hard for the high-end compact camera market were true: this hot little piece is the new Coolpix P7000, Nikon's answer to the Canon G11. Like we'd heard, it actually drops the megapixel count from the P6000, with a 10.1 megapixel CCD sensor that can hit ISO 6400 sensitivity natively and 12,800 when boosted behind a f/2.8-5.6 7.1x VR zoom lens and a three-inch 921,000-dot LCD display. It also has full manual controls for virtually every setting, an optical viewfinder and accessory hot shoe, RAW support, and a 720p/24 movie mode with VR and continuous autofocus that might actually be useful for more than just casual shooting because there's a mic jack. There's also the usual range of Coolpix automatic adjustments and modes, of course, but come on -- look at all those manual dials and buttons, people. It'll hit later this month for $499.99 


Dior Limited Edition Watches...

Dior has just released these 2 limited edition designs, I like the olive green….
They are the Chieffre Rouge A02 and A03 watches which feature a steel case, black dials, want 50m water resistance. Available in olive green, khaki and black.


Highlight That Special Bottle with Angelshare Single Bottle Cellar

Got that one special bottle to save for a special moment? Then dedicate it to its own wine cellar from Angelshare.  The specialness of the bottle is emphasized by the sculptural design of the unit.

Angelshare Single Bottle Cellar  |  $396 at Compact Impact


Hermes does mens store...

I'm so glad,Hermes is doing a men's store, they have always had the iconic belt, and other accessories, But after taking a look at the designs , I have to say I'm impressed. These shoes will be a great addition , and next the immortal berkin.


This bag is an eye catcher...

This men's bag from YSL has new updated take on the traditional logo…...

Kris Van Assche 2010 Fall/Winter




James Van Vossel

Eyewear company Theo has always been known to produce some quirky framewear, but this time they’ve brought Belgian designer James Van Vossel on board to create the James collection for Theo. The James 1 and 2 have sidepieces that cross at the frame, making the lenses separated by an X shape. Made of titanium, the lightweight glasses are the perfect solution for the man looking for something a little more different

The Halloween Costume

In the world of Victoria’s Secret, Halloween costumes aren’t called Halloween costumes: They’re called ‘Sexy Little Fantasies’; The lingerie giant launched the costume line this year, and, not surprisingly, there are absolutely no un-sexy offerings.


The New MacBook Air

The MacBook Air finally gets a much deserved update with a revised unibody enclosure, instant on, better battery (30 days on standby!), and a new 11.6'' sibling. Starting at $999, the new Airs feature Core 2 Duo processors, Solid State Drives out of the box, high-res displays, and a much lighter body, 2.3 lbs in the 11.6'' model and 2.9 lbs in the 13''.

The Thursday Cocktail Recipe…for the Weekend

Cruscoe Organic Rum, van gogh vanilla Vodka , guava puree, Cointreu, Fresh Queezed orange juice, Lemon juice , and in house made basil infused simple syrup.



One of the most intriguing watches created by Cartier thus far is the new Ballon Bleu Tourbillon. The Ballon Bleu Tourbillon is Cartier’s first that incorporates the brand’s new 9452MC tourbillon movement, which bears the Geneva Seal hallmark. The Ballon bleu de Cartier Flying Tourbillon watch is watchmaking piece of art and it’s a great example of High Watchmaking Craft.

The Cartier Ballon Bleu gets its name from the sapphire cabochon crown which is incorporated into its rounded case and this version is no exception. It is crafted from 18K pink gold, and it measures 46mm across in diameter. The watch also features sapphire crystal on the face as well as the transparent case-back of the watch.

The heart of the Cartier watch is the 9452 MC caliber, an exceptional manufacture-crafted mechanical tourbillon movement with manual winding. It is comprised of 142 hand-finished parts and decorated with 19 jewels. The Ballon Bleu Tourbillon vibrates at the rate of 21,600 beats per hour and has a power reserve is 50 hours. Measuring 4.5mm in depth, it is driven by a flying tourbillon that has C-shaped index displaying the seconds.


This is one you keep….Mercedes SLS AMG

This is the kinda car that will be a collectible.  Its been a long time since a car company has had a design that automatically strikes you as a keeper. Mercedes with new , or should I say remake, has done it again, with marriage of new quality and classic style. The new 2010 Mercedes SLS AMG is a vehicle for the ages. The classic gullwing doors inspired from the 1954-1957 Mercedes 300SL, sultry sheet metal, carbon-fiber structure, and AMG’s sonorous 563 horsepower (480 lb-ft torque) mid-engine all yield a package that can be described as nothing less than, “sex on wheels”. Sex that will take all of 3.7 seconds to get to 60, capping out at 197 mph.


Chronicles of Never

Chronicles of Never offers us a touch of futurism with the release of these red Corpus Callosum sunglasses. The frames are unlike any conventional frames you might be familiar with, as the squared frames give these frames a really remarkable look. Available from Revolve now.


The Sounds of Sunday….

There is one thing allot of people can relate to, is the sound of great music playing on Sunday morning….I never forget my mom playing great music, all day Sunday from Prince to Earth Wind and Fire, Nastygrass (Teddy P) or , that I now appreciate great sound and so do my company.Listening to the signature Beats™ sound was a solo activity, but now you can share it with your friends. Introducing Beatbox™. Beatbox unleashes the driving bass, distinct midrange, and clean, crisp highs of a multi-speaker club system in one amazingly compact and portable box. Plus, it nails the energy of hip hop, the dynamics of rock, the delicate detail of jazz, even the intricate texture of a symphony. So, share your music. It’s time.


I Lost My iPhone…..

Just when you thought you have seen every iPhone case…..Germany-based designers from GnG have revealed what could be the most expensive iPhone case ever. Envisioned as a “piece of art” that “sets the point on the i”, the precious shell is dubbed Golden Delicious. This golden iPhone case is only 1mm thick, is made from a special high-tech carbon fiber inlay, is covered with 140g of gold (18-carat) and packs nothing less than 600 diamonds. Priced at 77,777 euros ($108.000). With this case your iPhone will definitely stand out from the crowd. I bet you wont lose this one!


The driving glove…Filippa k

Filippa K’s known to make some really detailed and timeless pieces.  The Black Driving Gloves are something many will want to get their hands on.  They’re good for driving but even better for a night out.

A Room with View….

Conde Nast Traveler
Room with a View
Hardcover / 232 Pages, 140 Images
9.5 x 13" 

Nothing compares to the moment when, after arriving in a foreign city, the hotel room's drapes are drawn back to reveal the world outside. A collection of the most breathtaking sights of all time from Balinese beaches to bustling metropolises to African savannahs teeming with wildlife

available from assouline books...


The Thursday Cocktail Recipe…for the weeekend

The cocktail is a twist on old favorite…
Mt Gay rum (Barbados) 2.5 0z. Sugar 3 tblspn. Mint, Lemons, yes lemons……….


Why did science have to go and mess up a good thing fellas...

Why did science have to go and mess up a good thing….There was time when every woman had natural breast. I'm not saying I don't like looking at the fake ones, but it just not the same. It doesn't spark the same cardinal desire as seeing a real breast , small or large. We are creatures driven by sight, but once you get to the actual touch, its like a bit of water was thrown on the flame. It should be exactly the opposite, after being excited by the allure of the breasts, you should feel like gasoline was thrown on the flame, when you get to the touch. I think fake breast should have been reserved for medical procedure only, cancer etc.

With Fall/Winter comes new design from LV….

The new bags for 2010/2011 Louis Vuitton were inspired by Vienna's artistic life and equestrian tradition, made with soft supple calfskin. The bags were designed under the artistic direction of  Marc Jacobs. The bags range in price from 2800 for the Shako Cabas Bandoliere pictured at the top, to 4300 for Shako Sac Voyage. 


The new 2001 Cayenne

I stopped by the Porsche dealer today, to see the all new 2011 Porsche cayenne.  Yes, all new exterior and interior re-design, and let me tell you , not bad. If you ever seen the new Panamera interior , then just place that image inside the new cayenne. The exterior is sleeker, and more rounded in the back, making it look smaller to me, the but design is growing on me.The lion's share of changes goes to the range-topping Cayenne Turbo. Thanks to a significantly more composed suspension and enormous 19-inch carbon-ceramic brakes (which are optional), the vehicle finally drives like a Porsche. Body control is top-notch, and because the Cayenne now uses the same all-wheel-drive system found in the Panamera, the torque-vectoring gizmos onboard do an excellent job of maintaining traction whether you're on the track or off-road. The turbo engine is good for 500 hp at 6000 rpm and 516 ft-lbs of torque at 2250 rpm.


Well, for when you don't want to get wet….

A great umbrella is a must have and this sturdy design from Paul Smith will definitely keep you dry, but if I was with her I might leave ella ella ella at home. Paul Smith delivers with his signature colorful band, and engraved handle.

A timeless piece get a slight update....

This classic piece from Rolex get slight modification for 2010, with a size increase to 39mm. I think was just the right touch this piece needed, I aways thought the watch was just a touch to small, and it definitely will not upset the Rolex purist.LINK:


The Sunday Sneaker

What goes best with those favorite sweatpants, but a crispy new pair of comfortable sneakers. Not the running sneakers you had on early this morning, that were bought for comfort , not for the look. But a pair like this retro jordan III remake, but my favorite is the Adidas rod laver, that are still sold for 60 dollars.. thank you Adidas. One for keeping this classic shoe around and not raising the price. I have owned countless pairs of this shoe, and it still a classic.