It was all so simple then..

My 1st computer wast the apple II C , now my handle held gadgets run circles around such a archaic machine. When I 1st ran out and spent 600 on the iPhone, I thought it was the best thing since champagne in personal cans. Just a side bar , fellas champagne in little cans is the coolest for the ladies , when your out on the yacht, or just sitting poolside. Ok, now back to the iPhone, Ill never do that again. They dropped price like 200% a month later, but sales are soaring. Now they introduced the ipad, and with its larger touch screen, the fun is endless….now I'm just waiting for them to add the 2way video they added to the iPhone 4. For you blackberry users the new Playbook, to rival the IPad. The PlayBook will be capable of 1080p HD video, and comes equipped with an HDMI port as well as a microUSB jack, 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi, and Bluetooh 2.1. The device clocks in at a svelte 5.1- by 7.6-inches, is only 0.4-inches thick, and weighs just 400g (or about 0.9 pounds).

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