Don't worry be happy ...

Bobby McFerrin must have inspired the creative juices behind "Happy Socks: with his 1988 hit "Don't worry be Happy". I was in San Francisco , visiting my guys from the Brooklyn circus, when there store received a shipment of Happy Socks. To no surprise, would they pick such a brand to compliment their line. Happy socks come in a such a variety of colors , and patterns its so hard to choose just one. They definitely change the dynamic to any outfit, and I'm personally a fan of the attention and conversation they spark. I would also take a minute a checkout the Brooklyn Circus Website , these guys a have great men's clothing line and a impeccable sense of style.


Common Projects cover my feet for Fall/ Winter 2010

Common projects has been a brand I have looked for to get that sophisticated sneaker look, and was nice alternative to my Paul Smith collection. But in 2010 they have branched , and touched a childhood memories of my favorite boots , that I refer to as the lumber jack, some call it the Nordic look. And with these wingtips are no brain er, with a dark jean, blazer and T.shirt and scarf. The styles ques they have added these staples , give it just the right unique touch.

Modern Design or Nouvo Traditional

I have always had friends and associates commisioning me to help them with interior design of there living spaces , and After buying and successfully flipping a few houses i Have decided Modern design is begining has become a little too mainstream , it used to be reserved for the certain type of individual , who expressed themselves thru there home. No we live in the day of Ikea and with more and more hotels , lounges etc going to the point of ultra modern. A few years ago , I went to award winning modern home to LA to interview Sean Combs . At the time I owned very unique modern home in Atlanta , and decided it was time to sell my dream house. This modern home had everything you could ask for in modern, with skylines view's and a elevator, I never thought you could pry my body from this house. Then Usher and Tameka walked thru the door and without a for sale sign in the yard , I said I hate to sell it but… life we all grow and taste expand. Now after taking some time to travel , I'm now working on the interior of my new home. The developer built my new property in the spirit of the St. Charles street in New Orleans. Be it that I love the NO and I go every chance I get, with it's french influence its going to be my best interior/exterior design to date. I will being posting design elements that I call Nouvo Traditional.

The new "Four Door Coupe"

Mercedes who invented the four door coupe has done it again, not only with the CLS but all the models have seen a recent makeover . Mercedes to me had lost its design mojo . The models from 2000 to now , dont get me wrong were all well crafted and the interiors are still amongst the best.
But the design lost its luster and the timeless designs of the past , seem to fade. I have to say I always a BMW fan , but I made the change to the G500 which has not changed its design in 25 years. I think more car highline car companies should stick to their roots, how many cars you see today and say " what is that". Years ago when saw a Benz you knew it was benz, same goes for BMW, Jaguar etc.


The Best Fashion Investment You Will Ever Make!

I used to catch alot flack and questions , from my peers about why I spent so much money on watches. Watches are great investment, that don't depreciate. Well let me explain. The right watches will not depreciate. Im not going to name names today, but I have done very well on the value on all my watches. Buying a great watch and adding any diamonds to " bling " it out makes the watch yours and your only: its devalues the watch and voids the authenticty. You will have a hard time selling this watch to another real watch collector. IWC and Watch Time are great publications to start your own research.
Breguet Type XX Aéronovale Limited Edition


Put the Beer on Ice

Fellas, its time put he beer on ice till Sunday. Just like most of you out there, their is nothing better than a ice cold one on Sunday , watching football with the smell of the grill filling your nose. Now , I'm not saying you need to be a sommelier (wine expert) or a mixologist (alcohol drink expert), but knowing the basics is definite must these days. From the business meeting to a night entertaining at home , knowing just the right elixir can be the difference between success or hari kari (also known as sepuku, is an ancient form of ritual suicide that defeated samurai). Later in this blog I will post how-to video's , on drink mixing. Being a certified mixologist myself , lets just say it has paid off in more than money.


The Bag

From Pharrell to the modern everyday fashionable man, the bag is back. Every man should have great weekender bag . Great classic luggage is wise investment, don't be afraid to spend little , when it comes to luggage. Tip: Its better to buy one great piece than 2 or 3 average pieces of luggage: you will save money over time and travel in-style in the meanwhile. Try finding something that expresses your personal taste , also has functionality and durability. For the duffel , leather is always a great direction, it will age and obtain character that denotes a well traveled man. Women loved a well traveled man, and you never know you may meet on that next flight. For those you hate airport handlers as much as I do , keep the leather as your carry on, and check the more heavy duty stuff. Today men have such a large selection of bags to choose from. If your feeling on the fence about carrying a bag, start with great briefcase that's not traditional , and find your way from there just how high style you wanna get….


Welcome to 9 shallow ONE DEEP

Welcome to 9shallow ONE DEEP, my blog focused on men's accessories and a take on life here and there, hence the the title 9shallow ONE DEEP.