The Sunday Drive….goes ECO FUTURE BMW i Series

Ok my 1st car was BMW and you could you say I am an enthusiast , at 1st I was on the fence about this series but after watching the hour long special about BMW and how these will be first cars to offer you BMW performance and providing  you the alternative gas saving, earth friendly engines I took a closer look. Watch the video . The company is presenting two cars, the city-friendly i3 and the performance minded i8. The i3 will be an all electric plug-in with a gas-propelled range extender option while the i8 will be a high-performance plug-in hybrid. As for electric range the i3 is currently rated at 80-100 miles while the i8 can go for 20 miles before the gas engine kicks in.


inside tip…checkout Gilt Groupe for Vintage Rolex by Hodinkee

Stepping up to a well-made, classic timepiece is an occasion when it makes very good sense to invest in style. And this selection—curated by the masterful hand of Ben Clymer, of watch-obsessive blog HODINKEE—has a whole slew of handsome watches that fit the bill. Pick up something great, and with proper care, you’ll be passing it on to your son someday.

Ikelite Underwater Housing

Take your Nikon D5100 (and other cameras) down to depths of 200 feet with the latest underwater housing from Ikelite ($1,400). With mirrored controls for every function, the heavy-duty polycarbonate case is completely corrosion resistant. Improved underwater ergonomics come in the form of a large zoom control knob for smooth fluid control, easily accessible thumb control for video start/stop. Super-Eye magnifier for enhanced viewfinder visibility and comfortable rubber grips with quick release mounting arms.

H By Harris

You should all be familiar with the H by Harris label should by now. Launched in AW09 to great success, designed and manufactured in the UK, it is the brainchild of creative Harris Elliott and heralds the new school in desirable contemporary accessories. Here, Harris experiments further with fabrications and develops a soft, ribbed armour...


Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Fall/Winter 2011 ‘Stop Making Sense’ Collection

From Japan comes looks at Bedwin & The Heartbreakers and their Fall/Winter 2011 lookbook entitled, “Stop Making Sense”. The line’s got plenty of essentials for the colder months ahead including knitwear, well-fitting trousers and button downs as well as a few blazers in a slightly shrunken fit.

Its Friday, the day we usually set off on trip…..maybe the Maldives

Levi’s Film Workshop, LA

In recent years, stalwart denim purveyor Levi’s has expanded into beyond their blue-collar roots offering not only fashion forward goods suited for coal miners but for agency ladder climbers, as well. The brand’s social accessibility and blend of fashion/practicality have led to the Levi’s Workshop — a pop-up style event that offers exposure, equipment, training and information in various disciplines, all for free. In July of 2010 they began with a Print Workshop in San Francisco, then a Photo Workshop in NYC and have stationed themselves at MOCA in LA for a Film Workshop, which we recently attended. The workshop offers everything from old school super 8mm cameras to brand new Canon 7Ds, multiple editing suites, stop animation film creation sessions, or even green screen stages. Combine that with books, DVDs and other filmmaking resources, and there’s really no excuse not to stop by and satisfy your inner Renaissance man. Our advice: take advantage and go.


The Tursday Cocktail Recipe…for the Weekend

Painless Brazilian  
Cabana Cachaca, Muddled Pineapple and Mint, Sugar ,Lime

Check out Sid Mashburn store Atlanta, GA

I researched Sid had worked for  Ralph Lauren, Land’s End, J. Crew and Tommy Hilfiger. His store is a reflection of his personal style. It’s essentially a haberdashery for a new generation. He carries an assortment of iconic pieces every guy should own while nurturing the wide-eyed anticipation of happening upon something you’ve never seen before. In addition to carrying his own label—Sid Mashburn, you’ll find Levi’s, A.P.C., Brunello Cuccinelli, Kiton, Sartorio, Edward Green, Caruso, Polo, Jack Spade, Ray-Ban, Persol and Globe Trotter luggage meticulously showcased.

SHOP: 404.350.7135
SERVICE: 855.627.4287


Audemars Piguet: Master Watchmaker Since 1875

The pursuit of excellence is reflected in Audemars Piguet's most prestigious models, painstakingly crafted by artisans for over 130 years. Audemars Piguet's expertise, creativity, and state-of-the-art technology are behind the company's luxurious and innovative watches. At the turn of the twentieth century, the factory employed more than seventy craftsmen, whose mastery and excellent grasp of the changing times enabled the development of traditional pieces and the production of revolutionary watches, both of the highest quality. These include the slimline jeweled watches for women in the art deco era, chronographs in the forties, the first perpetual calendar watch in 1957, the famous Royal Oak--the first high-end sports watch--in 1972, and the ultramodern Millenary MC12 in 2008. The mechanisms, the meticulous processes by which they are developed, and their technical and stylistic inventions reveal the history of a company that combines audacity, ingenuity, and luxury.

Audemars Piguet Millenary Minute Repeater


Odell Brewing Co Woodcut No. 5 Oak Aged Belgian Style Quad Ale

The company has become a bit of an aging aficionado, which included an expansion of their brewery and the addition of a wood-aging cellar. GP got the chance to enjoy a few early bottles and after a thorough downing, we’ve were left impressed. Immediately after the cork is removed, an intense aroma of sweetness overcomes the olfactory senses, in a good way. Upon pouring, the ale breeds dark auburn with a generous beige head, followed by a bouquet of sugary fruits and slight hint of woody notes after the sweet aromas settle. The sweet nose yields through the taste, and carbonation is virtually nonexistent, which lends to the smooth character despite the relatively high 11.3% ABV.
For you hop nerds: the hop profile is quaint and balanced with the modest malt properties at the culmination of each dram. According to their release notes, “vanilla from the New American Oak complements the Special B malt with hints of cherry, raisin, and plum on the palate.”
By Brett Prior 


BOTTEGA VENETA 2011 Men's Bags

Denim Demon Schnapps

Swedish brand Denim Demon has taken the unlikely leap from selvedge to the spirits market, launching their own brand of schnapps. Taking cues from the names of their two most popular jean styles, the Aajja and Aahka (which mean “grandfather” and “grandmother” in the Sami language of the Arctic indigenous tribes), Denim Demon has produced two limited-edition schnapps. The first, called Aajjavit is flavored with cumin, fennel and oaky, barrel-aged whiskey. The second, dubbed Aahkavit, is lighter and more crisp, infused with cumin and dill. Traditionally drank chilled and straight-up, this Nordic liquor is not for the lightweight drinker.


The Sunday Drive

Black is ageless and eternal. Mercedes Benz knows this and always stuns its loyal customers and new comers to its impeccable designs. The latest is the C63 AMG Coupe’s Black Series model for 2013. The Black Series models are considered to be more aggressive and more powerful than the standard C63 AMG version and hence the anticipation. The new model will feature a new rear diffuser, quad AMG-style pipes, and sportier interiors with carbon fiber and aluminum insertions. There is information that the car will be packed with the same 6.2L V8 engine found in the current C63 AMG, but tuned to deliver 507 HP. It will also be available in five exterior colors and will include customization options such as an optional rear spoiler. The car is estimated to be sold for a lesser price that the CLK Black Series, which was priced at $218,624.


Armando Cabral

Armando Cabral

Armando Cabral is a luxury footwear brand that first caught my eye in SS10. The combination of Armando Cabral's innate style and Rucky Zambrano's eye for design and attention to detail has created an elegant addition to the men's footwear market. In quality, the collection offers a full range of classic essentials, hybrid-casual and sport contemporary silhouettes. In only twhree short seasons, there is a sense that Armando Cabral is close to creating a fully rounded collection.


T&F Slack Shoemakers London 2011 Fall/Winter Collection

T&F Slack Shoemakers offers a collection of unique, head-turning styles for Fall/Winter 2011. Certain to appeal to anyone looking for something different, the styles range from a suede saddle shoe with leather detailing to a perforated leather oxford with bright, colorful accents throughout the sole and body. Made in London, the collection is currently available for purchase through retailers around the world, including I.T Hysan.


The Thursday Cocktail Recipe…for the Weekend

Cruscoe Organic Rum, van gogh vanilla Vodka , guava puree, Cointreu, Fresh Queezed orange juice, Lemon juice , and in house made basil infused simple syrup




Built USA
Powder Coated Steel Frame / Black
Oversized, Double Crown Fork / Black
Hand Cut & Laced Grips / Aged Leather
Hand Crafted, Laser Engraved, Turn & Tuck Seat / Aged Leather
Hand Crafted, Tank Mounted, Turn & Tuck Inserts / Aged Leather
Coaster Brake
Sealed Bottom Bracket
4130 Chromoly 3 Piece Cranks
Polycarbonate Platform Pedals
(4) Twin Mounted Tires
(4) Custom Crafted Alloy Rims
Limited Production Run of (12)
Built To Order: 11 of 12 Remaining
Complimentary Domestic Shipping / International Orders


Tim Little of Grenson

Now that we’re firmly in mid season, we thought we’d look at some new collections. Part of Grenson owner Tim Little’s own line, these shoes are kind cool. Made in Napoli, they’re the kind of shoes that’ll only get more handsome as time goes by. And they’re handmade, if you like that sort of thing.