A.P.C. S/S 2012 Collection Preview

It’s starting to get to that point in the seasons where longing for the days when wearing a pair of shorts outside was weather acceptable, which means it’s the perfect time to get a sneak peak at French label A.P.C.’s Spring/Summer 2012 line. Opting out of trying too hard to look flashy (which is a great thing), the A.P.C. collection creates a subtle and respectable vibe, putting forth a variety of simple pants, shorts, and jackets that give the line a solid feel. The selections look comfortable and easy to wear, especially with the inclusion of the ever versatile denim shirt and lightweight knitwear. But the most inspiring item is fit for the beach going that comes with warmer weather: the gold patterned swim trunks are sure to make you stand out with your toes in the sand. BY R


The Sunday Ride….GQ by Citroen Concept

Citroen continued their rampage of stylish cars with the unveiling of their GQ Concept, which strangely enough was absent from Geneva earlier this month. With a look that says “X6 meets Panamera meets Citroen’s aggressive design team,” the French company created the plug-in hybrid as part of a joint venture with none other than GQ magazine. The idea behind the partnership was to create a stylish vehicle that fit “with the current attitudes of conspicuous consumption.” While designer Mark Lloyd had the gall to call the car “understated,” we love the double-chevron emblem design, Savile Row-styled interior, and the swooping curves around the back, which imply that the eco-conscious concept is packing more than just a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine. Nonetheless, Peugeot is claiming a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds, while producing only 80 grams of CO2 per 100 kilometers. As part of a joint marketing project, the car was actually introduced online, and can also be found in the April edition of GQ.


_Rism 2011 Fall/Winter Candles

Korean-based candle producer _Rism recently released a fall/winter collection entitled “The Scent of Scene.” Complete with three 100% natural, handmade candles, each allows you to reach a different state of mind. The first, affettuoso, will assist in increasing concentration; the second, tempered, allows the individual to reach a relaxing state; and finally, volante, allowing the user to become more romantic. Perfect for those on house arrest during the winter months, this selection of candles by _Rism is currently available at Layer.


The Thursday Cocktail Recipe…for the Weekend

Since 1792,,,,,, 
Four Roses Small Batch bourbon, Cointreau, Orange Juice ,Soda Sugar, Angostura Bitters, orange slice


A Profile In Cool: Mike Horn, World Explorer, Guy Who Wore A Panerai To The North Pole In The Winter (VIDEO)

INTERVIEW: Mike Horn, World Explorer, Panerai Ambassador from HODINKEE on Vimeo.

Mike Horn
 operates on a 30-hour day, 24 just didn't make sense to him.  He divides the day into six five-hour intervals broken up concisely into sleeping, eating, working, walking, and whatever else he may have to do that day.  Horn has traveled around the world on the equator three times without the help of a motorized vehicle.  He's swam the entire length of the Amazon river with a broken knee.  He's circumnavigated the arctic circle by himself (it took him two years and three months).  He did so with a specially developed, tripled cased Panerai on his wrist. While many explorers have taken to wearing digital watches on expeditions, where Horn goes, a digital instrument would simply freeze, so everything must be mechanical.


Tech Tuesday……iTar iPad Guitar

iTar iPad Guitar

iPads are fantastic media consumption devices. Netflix, games and music are never more than a finger tap away from occupying you for hours at a time, but they’ve been much for media creation (email doesn’t count as media). Until now that is. Pledge $200 or more to Starr Labs and they will build you a guitar you can plug your iPad into. You can play bass, guitar, synthesize, drum and, well, just about anything else that there’s an app for—with a MIDI controller/fingerboard that will take your iPad to levels even the great Jobs probably didn’t think possible. If you know how to play guitar—or even if you don’t—it’s worth checking out. Every man needs an axe and this one doesn’t even require strings. $200


Persol | Made by Hand

Persol | Made by Hand
Persol gives us a brief look at how the Italian eyewear maker crafts each and every piece they put on the market. The iconic frames are made by hand with the utmost detail and given a full examination before completion, some of which you’ll see in this extremely transparent video. Persol is known to utilize high-quality materials and blends this with a detail-oriented construction to give us a product that’s as remarkable and timeless as it was 94 years ago. (via the189)

Made by Hand from Persol on Vimeo.


The Sunday Drive…The Audi e-tron spyder

Upon first look, the 2014 Audi e-tron Spyder appears to almost be an unfinished car. It’s almost as if an Audi A4 went to the automotive barbershop and got a little off the top. This is not to say the Spyder is a bad looking car. It has a very slick look. The car is just another example that electric cars can look just as great as their non-electric predecessors.
At its peak, the Spyder has 385 horsepower and can reach 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. In quite an awesome feature, the point where the car is plugged in is at the front. The Audi logo retracts and along with the plug is a screen that displays the battery’s charge and how far you can go. This is only in the experimental stage, though. The Spyder will run on the electric battery until the car travels over 37 mph. With gas prices continuing to rise, drivers may be happy to hear the Spyder’s gas tank only holds 13.2 gallons, but with its lithium-ion battery, the car can travel about 600 miles. It is believed the Spyder will have a base price of $29,995!

The Sunday Ride…Neiman Marcus Edition Hacker-Craft Speedboat

Neiman Marcus Edition Hacker-Craft Speedboat

My oh my… that Neiman Marcus Christmas Book continues to delivery some one-of-a-kind gems for the ultra-rich (all of us). Good thing a portion of the money is going to some solid charities. Their Hacker-Craft Speedboat is well out of most people’s range but someone needs to buy it. At $250,000 smackers, this 27-foot solid mahogany speedboat will tip the scales on either end: looking good – paying for it. “For every speedboat sold, Neiman Marcus will make a $3,000 donation to the Double H Ranch” – cofounded by Paul Newman and Charles R. Wood. You could do my like friend Rae and buy one used from a rich guy who has one collecting dust in his garage, and save a few bucks. Either way this will be me this summer , once we blow the dust off ….


The new acccessory for the NFL ?

Is the NFL going Hollywood or is it genius? Well for the players who used to love strippers and models , have sure been trading in for the reality stars and social media fames. And who can really blame them. It definitely works for capitalizing on earning potential during there playing years. We have seen more NFL players on dancing with starts , and now TO and Ochocinco have there own reality shows, thinks it a coincidence they now play on the same team, to add the the on field reality show they just added Pacman Jones! Lets not leave Romo out , who is my opinion is overrated, but the Cowboys signed for so much money now they cant let him go, so they might as put there money to work I guess. But like Reggie Bush he draws the women watchers to football. Every since Jessica Simpson started wearing pink NFL jerseys despite the team colors and Kim Kardashian started showing g up to football games, you have websites like teaching woman football. I cant complain at least HGTV goes off on Sunday now without any lip.


Roberu for Obscura Capsule Collection

Japan’s Roberu teams up with Hong Kong-based Obscura Magazine for a series of leather goods this season. Retaining a high degree of style and quality, the timeless range encompasses long wallet, bracelets and camera strap. Handmade in Japan, all pieces come with minimal branding and are offered in limited quantities. The capsule range is now available at the THINK SILLY STORE.


The Thursday Cocktail Recipe…for the Weekend

  • The Novacane...
  • 1 fluid ounce coconut rum
  • 3/4 fluid ounce Belvedere vodka
  • 1 fluid ounce pineapple juice
  • 1 dash grenadine syrup


Just found my next brogue….

Wolverine 1000 Mile Wickham Brogue & Winchester Boot

It’s been a short while since we heard from Wolverine last but we’re glad to be getting news of these beauties from their 1000 Mile line for Fall/Winter 2011. They’ve got two new additions to their Gentleman Collection. The Wickham is a brogue oxford that’s making its debut this season and looks exceptional in both black or tan. It features a hand-rubbed leather upper with swirling perforated detail and a subtle contrast color underlay. The Winchester is the taller brogue boot shown above and also comes in black or tan. It features a sheepskin lining while both feature Goodyear Welt construction and a Vibram Heel Lift.
The Wickham retails for $265 while the Winchester will run you $315. The Winchester in black can be had at Neiman Marcus though you can find a full list of retailers at Wolverine.


Tech Tuesday……Custom Cedar Cigar Box Powered Speakers

Custom Cedar Cigar Box Powered Speakers

Some of us enjoy cigars regularly while others wait for the birth of a baby, the crowning of a championship team or a few too many tequilas with friends. Whatever the occasion may be, our interest is based on the smooth, mellow and relaxing feel of a good cigar—kind of like the audio you’ll get from these Custom Cedar Cigar Box Powered Speakers. We’re not talking blasting the Jay-Z and Kayne record with these things, we’re more thinking some low-fi stuff while we chill. The Maduro Sonos desktop speakers feature 2.5″ aluminum cones nicely mounted inside cedar cigar boxes. They’re self-powered and, while they won’t blow your windows out or crack your computer screen with insanely deep bass, they will provide you with some conversation pieces that are extremely functional. We’d say light up something made in Havana and put your iPod mellow mix on shuffle and call it an evening. $350


Usually not a fan of the iPad sleeve, but..

In addition to the scores of protective cases that have surfaced since iPad’s inception, Japan’s Superior Labor has created a minimal and timeless version of the gadget’s case. Taking shape using supple black leather, the iPad slips into a suede lining to prevent any scratching. Moreover, the exterior features tonal stitching, gold branding and vintage metal buttons. Made in Japan, the iPad Case is now available at Up There Store for $220 AUD (approximately $223 USD).

Ok its Monday…lets start with a little X factor

Nicole Scherzinger.


Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Bottle


Created by Swedish design duo Magnus Skogsberg and Mimmi Smart, the Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Bottle is a grandiose reinterpretation of the iconic Absolut bottle. Limited to 800 examples, the bottles ($1,500) were made from crystal sourced from Reijmyre Glassworks of Sweden and each individually numbered by the bottle's master crafter. There will also be a black variation released in a very limited run of 10 units and will be priced at $10,000


Taylor Stitch x Ebbets Field Mission Reds Ballcaps


Taylor Stitch is showing some hometown love with a special run of caps celebrating the 1930s San Francisco Mission Reds baseball team. To create the caps Taylor Stitch teamed up with heritage cap experts Ebbets Field to reproduce one of their old flannel ballcap styles with a shorter brim.

The Thursday Cocktail Recipe…for the Weekend

Juniper Flower
2 oz  Organic Gin
1 oz   Jasmine Liquor
1/2 0z Lemon Juice
1/2 oz Simple Syrup

Shake and Pour in rocks Glass
Garnish with Edible Flower


Our Legacy Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook

Our Legacy Fall/Winter 2011 LookbookOur Legacy Fall/Winter 2011 LookbookOur Legacy Fall/Winter 2011 LookbookOur Legacy Fall/Winter 2011 LookbookOur Legacy Fall/Winter 2011 LookbookOur Legacy Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook

From Swedish label Our Legacy comes a look at their Fall 2011 lookbook entitled, “Impressions.” The looks feature a wide range of offerings including blazers, outerwear and fine knits. The fabrics vary as we’re told Italian tweed wools, wax cotton and cashmere have all been utilized to make this magnificent collection.


Swiss KubiK Watch Winder

Automatic watches are cool but collect a couple and you suddenly have the chore of winding and setting them regularly, or you have to maintain a strict schedule of wearing them to keep them running, which is no fun. A watch winder, which simulates the movement of the watch on your wrist, eliminates the annoying need to wind and set your automatic timepiece if you haven’t worn it for a few days, as well as keeping it in top running order. You see, a mechanical watch is designed to run at an optimal and predictable rate when its mainspring is kept at a constant tension. Keeping a watch wound also means you’re not manipulating the crown as often, a practice that can increase wear on the crown, stem, threads, seals and winding mechanism.

A watch winder is not just a luxury gadget for that hedge fund manager with a timepiece collection worth more than most suburban homes. It’s a very practical tool for the guy who has a couple of automatics that he alternates wearing Monday through Friday and then on the weekend. The trouble is, watch winders run the spectrum in terms of quality and design. The ones you order out of the in-flight catalogs, for example, tend to have limited settings, can over- or under-wind a watch, aren’t built well and don’t last very long. Meanwhile, the ones sold in high end watch boutiques often look like a padded banquette in a Vegas lounge and cost more than many watches. But one we’ve found hits the sweet spot of ease of use, affordability and elegant design: the Swiss KubiK ($745).


Oliver Peoples 25th Anniversary

Oliver Peoples 25th Anniversary Made in Japan Collection
Oliver Peoples 25th Anniversary Made in Japan Collection
Oliver Peoples 25th Anniversary Made in Japan Collection

California-based Oliver Peoples has hit the big 2-5 and to celebrate, they designed a small capsule collection that’s made in Japan and available in limited numbers. The four styles include the Myriel, NDG Flip Clip, Florenz 46 and J Gold, with each piece made with the utmost care and detail.


The Sunday Ride…Bugatti 16C Galibier

When it was announced that French luxury car manufacturer Bugatti would be rolling out the 16C Galibier, car enthusiasts who could afford the pocket-draining $1.4M USD price tag waited with baited-breath. As more pictures of the conceptual look of the car become apparent, we now also know that nothing will begin going into production until at least 2015. Amongst the changes from what they thought to be the early specs include an entirely redone rear end. As for the engine, originally proposed as a detuned version of the Veyron’s 1000+horsepower W-16 with twin superchargers in place of the quad turbos, will now be reboosted up past the four-digit mark. The changes reportedly come out of feedback from current Veyron owners, half of whom have reportedly seen and sat in the Galibier concept car already.