The new acccessory for the NFL ?

Is the NFL going Hollywood or is it genius? Well for the players who used to love strippers and models , have sure been trading in for the reality stars and social media fames. And who can really blame them. It definitely works for capitalizing on earning potential during there playing years. We have seen more NFL players on dancing with starts , and now TO and Ochocinco have there own reality shows, thinks it a coincidence they now play on the same team, to add the the on field reality show they just added Pacman Jones! Lets not leave Romo out , who is my opinion is overrated, but the Cowboys signed for so much money now they cant let him go, so they might as put there money to work I guess. But like Reggie Bush he draws the women watchers to football. Every since Jessica Simpson started wearing pink NFL jerseys despite the team colors and Kim Kardashian started showing g up to football games, you have websites like teaching woman football. I cant complain at least HGTV goes off on Sunday now without any lip.

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