IWC Portofino Dual Time

If you’re jet setting type, bombing the Alps one day and escaping Alcatraz the next, timekeeping can become an especially taxing chore while traversing across time zones. Designed specifically for these situations, IWC has created the Portofino Dual Time ($17,600). The timepiece features an all-new 64710 calibre movement with 72-hour power reserve, double-sided AR coated sapphire glass and a separate 24 hour subdial for keeping track of time back home. The mechanical movement will even adjust the date forward or back as you set the time — allowing for adjustment in one-hour increments. Measuring in at a substantial 45mm, the Dual Time should prove to be easy on your eyes after a 12 hour red-eye too. When it arrives this fall it will be available in red gold with a black dial (pictured) or stainless steel with either a black or silver dial and complete with alligator leather straps by Santoni.


The Creed atomizer

For the travel enthusiast, CREED offers a selection of shatterproof, refillable, Italian leather-wrapped bottles (or atomizers) that can hold any of CREED’s more than 40 fragrances for men and women. Sized at 1.7 ounces, they are perfect for aircraft carry-on. In fact, one U.S. Olympic gold medalist is currently using this item so he can include CREED in his post-Olympic travel schedule that takes him to dozens of U.S. cities. My buddy Mike has almost every men's scent they make, I would advise you to go to a demonstration on Creed, they can show you how to blend scents, and create your own custom fragrance. Creed is the kind a fragrance that truly turns heads and sparks conversation.


The Sunday Drive…2012 Range Rover Evoque Wire Frame Sculptures

Range Rover will be celebrating the addition of their latest model to their family later this week – the Range Rover Evoque. The beautiful new small scale 4×4 is targeted at a younger audience and therefore the brand has a special line-up of events and initiatives planned around the launch. While the car will be revealed in all its beauty to the plubic later this week in Paris, it will only see a market launch next year.
In Paris Range Rover worked with JC de Castelbajac, Andre, Yorgo Tloupas of Intersection Magazine and with Surface 2 Air. Each  of them got a wire frame sculpture of the Range Rover Evoque as a canvas and they had to add their very own flavor to it, around a certain topic.
Andre got the topic Design and added his signature pink graphics to the sculpture, which is exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo. Yorgo Tloupas worked on the Technology theme and thus imitated the wind channel with striped of light. His version of the sculpture is standing right in front of the Centre Pompidou. Surface to Air worked on the Sustainability theme and their work is exhibited at the Musee des Arts et Metires. Last but not least, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac worked on the Luxury theme, adding neon wings to the sculpture and you can find this last piece of the puzzle at the Yachts de Paris.

The Sunday Ride….Electric Motorcycle “Orphiro”

Orphiro is not just an electric bike, it’s efficient, quiet and an all around a great option for sustainable mobility. This battery-powered cruiser made in the Netherlands. Company founder Alexander Steegh says the slick streamlined exterior covers five lithium-ion batteries putting out 72 volts. Top speed is 75 mph, and recharging the batteries takes six and a half hours. “Sustainable fun, a cool design and comfortable driving. Orphiro combines all ideals when it comes to new motorcycling: fully electric, fast loading and one with nature.”


I'm not usually a calendar person, but…..Pirelli 2012

On December 6th the new Pirelli Calendar 2012 will be released and as every year, it is much anticipated. Shot last year by Karl Lagerfeld, the 2012 calendar was produced on Corsica by Italian photography Mario Sorrenti, having a ‘natural feminine beauty’ theme this time. Shot by Sorrenti were this time among others Lara Stone, Kate Moss, Mila Jovovich, Rinko Kikuchi, Saskia de Brauw and Isabeli Fontana.


The daughter of the legendary Oliver Goldsmith handmade eyewear sesigner

Oliver Goldsmith was famous in the 60's for his designs worn by the Hollywood movie stars and rock stars. Original retro sunglasses from Oliver Goldsmith were launched back in 2005 but, until now, Oliver Goldsmith retro glasses designs have only been available in Japan and the Far East, where the spectacles and brand, described below by A Oliver Goldsmith in a film for the Victoria & Albert Museum, are hugely popular. I was in LA a few summers ago, and found a pair at the Roosevelt Hotel gift shop, that was one of those once in a lifetime fashion finds….I always have to explain that there discontinued , but some odd colors are still floating out there. Now his daughter , Clair Goldsmith launches her line. I'm doing the research now on how to get a pair, and will keep you posted.

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The Thursday Cocktail Recipe…for the Weekend

Ticket to Graceland   
Jack Daniels, Cranberry Juice, Ginger ale, Limes, Frozen lightly Sugar coated Cranberries 

The night I took this picture, I may have been channeling my inner rockstar. I cant remember what it was about that night , but old blue suede shows was on my mind. for the younger ones,  I'm referring to Elvis Presley.  if you have ever scene the movie walk the line, then you can follow me.  in my Jack Daniels clarity, i came up with  drink using what I had available  to me via the hotel room , and some cranberries I had in my bag. I wrote this on drink menu, and it was hit, enjoy.

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve

Bourbon itself is a manly drink, but ratchet up the proof to 120 – that’s 60% alcohol – and you’re operating on an entirely different level. Of course, we discerning drinkers care about more than just alcohol content. After all, when’s the last time you kicked back with a glass of Everclear?
Enter Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve, the latest addition to Jim Beam’s small batch bourbon lineup. Unlike original Knob Creek, which blends barrels before bottling to achieve consistency, the Single Barrel is just that – whiskey from a single barrel. Variances in the oak barrels, temperature and other factors over the nine year aging process can cause differences between each barrel of Knob Creek, meaning that your bottle might taste slightly different than ours. That said, ours tastes quite nice.
The bourbon has intense aromas of vanilla and caramel, and considering its potent proof, it hides its alcohol really well. Take a sip and let the mature, toasty oak and sweet vanilla wash over you before a long, spicy finish. Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is a bourbon worth enjoying on its own, but there’s no shame in dropping in some water or a couple ice cubes to cut the heat. Find it locally for about $40.


I think I'm getting Wood….

Got a few of those personal pics or video……...
These Brinell PureStorage external hard drives are clearly designed to appeal to style snobs who wouldn’t be seen dead with a Belkin in their laptop bag. They come in a range of capacities and cladding, including wood, leather and brushed stainless steel. Prices start at around €149.00 for a 160GB drive, which makes them slightly more expensive than rocket fuel.


Hublot Chukker Bang

This year, Hublot will be revealing their new Chukker Bang watch at the Polo Gold Cup in Gstaad. Inspired by the world of polo and in conjunction with polo player Facundo Pieres, the Chukker Bang is a 44mm Big Bang watch, equipped with a titanium grill, affixed to its bezel, in order to further protect the sapphire crystal. The grill can be removed though and put back on when needed. Only 500 numbered pieces of the watch will be produced and it also comes in a version with a diamond encrusted grill


PROJECT NY | CXXVI Burlap Tote for Spring/Summer 2012

We’ve been seeing some standout product here at PROJECT and one of the most consistent brands as of late happens to be CXXVI. They’ve really come a long way from selling just t-shirts and now house a stable of solid offerings. This burlap tote really stood out to us so we had to capture it in all its glory. It’s lined with chambray and features leather handles. In the above shot, you even get a glimpse of the brands neckwear and shirting for S/S 2012 (por homme)


The Sunday Drive… 2012 Porsche 911

Although an official release wasn’t expected until next month, leaked images of what seems to be the 2012 Porsche 911 have hit the net. Leftlane provides some insight into the new design changes: “Up front, LED running lights are no longer arranged in line with the trapezoidal air ducts they hover over but instead migrate further towards the corners of the car, while the iconic circular headlamps seem to be virtually unaltered. The car looks slightly elongated in profile, the result of a 2.2-inch increase in overall length, while the front and rear overhangs seem relatively unchanged despite being 1.3 and 0.5 inches shorter, respectively. Meanwhile, the taillights have shrunk a bit while the space taken up by the retractable spoiler has grown. Engine choices are a bit more murky, but expect about 350 horsepower from a 3.4-liter flat-six for the Carrera and in the neighborhood of 400 horses from a 3.8 liter unit in the Carrera S.” Stay tuned for official images and information as it arrives.

The Sunday Ride...Classified Moto XV920

Classified Moto’s John Ryland has been known for his incredible spin on creating custom bikes for quite some time. Re-working the classic 1982 XV920 Yamaha Virago bike that was laying around the shop was no easy task. The bike took weeks to finish and features a rear end conversation as well as Classified’s signature front-end swap with timeless detailing that leaves an overall unique look. From re-designing the tank to the welding, the Classified Moto team customized each specific detail to make sure the bike was ready to go with new raw mechanics and upgradable features that in the end resulted in a product with the perfect balance of creativity, quality and price.


One of my time-piece favorites..the Panerai

This 2010 special edition Panerai, is definitely on my radar. The model is the PAM 00039. As a Paneristi myself, I can say that this is one the best watches in my collection. The Panerai was originally designed for Italian naval commanders. The Panerai does have a certain secret society value, I have enjoyed the comradery and conversations this watch has sparked. Not to mention , Panarai is known for it's equity and quality.


Takes me back to my GH.BASS days..Mark McNairy One Piece Wholecut Derby Shoe

Mark McNairy offers up another tremendous shoe, this time in the form of a one piece derby shoe. The shoe’s produced in limited quantities by Northampton’s Sanders Shoe Company, with both colorways featuring a full-grain leather shell with Dainite rubber commando soles complimenting the brown pair in a red brick finish.


The Thursday Cocktail Recipe…for the Weekend "Back to Basics"

Ooooh so Sucio….
3 oz of Gin or Vodka.
2 teaspoons of dry white vermouth.
1 teaspoon of olive brine.
1 to 3 olives, depending on your tastes.
Martini glass.
Mixing glas or cocktail shaker.
Long spoon.

Gluten Free Vodka

The latest luxury vodka to hit the market comes from nightclub owner Charles Ferri. owner of the Star Room. Star Vodka is a new gluten-free luxury vodka made at a distillery in the Cascade Mountains of oregon. The vodka is made using Cascade Mountain water. The website doesn't say which grains are used in the process only that they are the "finest grains necessary" but since the product is gluten-free we can assume wheat, rye and barley are out. The vodka is filtered five times through " organically cooled lava rock." It's making the rounds at various events this summer including on August 23 when Star Vodka sponsors an event with the ASPCA Equine Fund, hosted by Kelly Ripa at Grassmere Farm in New York's Hamptons.


Tom Ford Cologne..

Tom Ford has to be one of my favorite's... .it's a woody floral musk fragrance for men. Top notes are ginger, mandarin orange, lemon leaf oil, basil, bergamot and violet leaf; middle notes are tunisian orange blossom, grapefruit blossom, pepper and tobacco leaf; base notes are amber, virginian patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver and cedar. He also has a line oil based scents, you can mix and match together, and will have you smelling fresh and feeling manly -- especially when you notice that so many of your female coworkers have suddenly become such close talkers around you.


Priceless Moments even under water

So , when I was in NYC I stopped in bestbuy and picked up a Flip camera. It was one of the best purchases . The flip is lightweight, easy to use, and captures in HD. Since then I have taken this flip to birthdays, family reunion, etc. Just point and shoot, and have priceless memories forever. And now the Flip Video Ultra Underwater Case, you can safely take video during all your favorite activities: kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking and even snorkeling.


Alexander McQueen Skull Leather Accessories

Alexander McQueen has made the skull a bit of a trademark for their line. As part of their new Fall/Winter 2011 Collection they have now released a range of leather accessories, all featuring gold skull add-ons. The range includes a bracelet, a wallet and a keychain. LINK


The Sunday Drive... BMW 3.0 CSi

My 1st car was BMW 320i, and yes it was a joy, and pain. Like with any old car, things will breakdown from time to time. But it was the best hands on lesson I have had the opportunity to learn, not only about cars, but about BMW. I would say I am BMW enthusiast and last round of BMW designs were not some of my favorites, they new editions of 3 to 7 series, are looking more like the original BMW marriage of class and sport. BMW breaks down the history of its 3.0 CSI, a classic model built between 1971 and 1975. Boasting 200hp, the car was a beast in the streets, both performance-wise and when it came to sleek and sophisticated looks. Offered above is a piece highlighting one of the automaker’s prized creations, the 3.0 CSI. Enjoy!


Thierry Lasry Liquid 2

Thierry Lasry's second collaboration with French music group Liquid Architecture and artist Thomas Lelu reinterprets the plastic aviator with details like a "W" nosebridge and hits of your choice of red, white, or black trim on a dark tortoise frame. Source: (Acquire)

Stanisław Płoski’s Bonobo Plywood Bike …for a little Sat morning ride

24-year-old Polish designer Stanisław Płoski defied the law of usual bike physics with the Bonobo Plywood Bike, which is crafted from plywood and proves to be more flexible than a typical bike. Płoski’s model uses bent plywood to form the frame, leaves out the seat-tube, and the the chain, grips and pedal are color-matched a light hue of green.