The Thursday Cocktail Recipe…for the Weekend

The Church Lady 
Bluecoat Gin, St. Germain elder flower liqueur  ,Fresh SqueEzed  GrapEfruit, cucumber Slice , Tonic


Always a fan of BillyKirk


Im on the fence about the color, but let me tell you the brother's Chris and Kirk know how to make a well crafted bag!


Odin Home Fragrances

Candles are not just for the ladies , fellas find a good clean, but manly scent for your home , please be clear , steer away from the fruity and light scents , and please trash and potpourri! Think about it like you think of cologne.....I personally gravitate toward dark colored browns, and black candles, then I go for smell. Dark colored candles can add a touch of sexy to your decor.


Cole Haan Spring/ Summer 2011 Footwear Looks

Cole Haan Spring/Summer 2011 Footwear Looks

Cole Haan Spring/Summer 2011 Footwear Looks

Cole Haan Spring/Summer 2011 Footwear Looks

I love that Cole Haan is pushing the envelope with their designs, and of course with history of well constructed shoes , you can't loose. Not to leave out there customer service is impeccable , I took a pair of mine in for stretching, and let me tell you . I felt nothing less shy of royalty when leaving the store.


The Sunday T-Shirt

So , I have this little theology about T-shirts on Sunday. I keep a brand new T on deck for every Sunday. It just great way to spend Sunday feeling fresh and crispy, whether your just watching the game, polishing the car, or just reflecting before a busy work week. A crisp T-shirt keeps you ready for any situation, you can throw on a blazer and head to brunch, or that great leather jacket and head out for a evening of drinks , and even keep it going to lounge , looking great the entire day. The best way to end the a Sunday is with someone else wearing the T-shirt. This is a must for any out of town trip, but just take it step further and take a couple. You never know what situation may arise, but a great T-shirt can save the day or night. Now, don't get me wrong I love my old vintage t-shirts too, but there is time and place , its all up to you.

The Sunday Drive

It is starting to sound like 2012 is going to bring some even-bigger 3 Series changes to Checkered Flag BMW!  First off we could see a GT edition hit the lineup along with a 450 hp inline-6-twin-turbo motor hitting the M3.  So the 3 series is going to get a bit more convenient and the M will be better for the environment.

For the first time, there will be five different 3-series bodystyles. The four-door sedan, which will appear March 2012, touring wagon (Sep 2012), coupe (Sep 2013), and convertible (Mar 2014) will all follow the familiar 3-series formula. The newcomer to the family is the hatchback Grand Turismo version, set to appear in March 2013. The GT3 is much more lifestyle-oriented and sportier than the GT5. It has a deep and wide tailgate, but it is a single-piece unit rather than the heavy and complex two-piece hatch of the GT5, and there is more of a notchback silhouette to the rear end. In terms of height, the GT3 sits midway between the 3-series sedan and the GT5.


Burberry Prorsum for Spring 2012

Bally’s Spring 2012 collection

I purchased my 1st Bally pieces back in 2001, and they still have a timeless design I'm proud to sport boarding a flight any day of the week.  Now the 2012 collection takes inspiration from the 50's and 60's Bally's delivers again with classic styling.


Terry Richardson shot Jessica Stam (Styled by Giles Deacon) For Mercedes Benz A-Class SS2012 Ad Campaign

The Concept A-CLASS show car embodies the vision of the next generation of Mercedes-Benz. To celebrate, photographer Terry Richardson has turned the spotlight on the Concept A-CLASS, creating a picture of seduction that is truly breathtaking. Top model Jessica Stam poses on the roof, lending a further dimension to the tremendous dynamism of the Concept A-CLASS. The stunning black dress with lace sleeves, a daring cut-out on the neckline and details made from feathers is a creation by Giles Deacon for Emanuel Ungaro.


The Thursday Cocktail Recipe…for the weekend

The Kraken Mild Spice Rum, Ginger Beer , Peychaud’s Bitters, Fresh Nutmeg sprinkle, Orange Peel

All Cocktails Are Created By Reginald E. Weekes IV


Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2011 Sneaker Video

To showcase their S/S ’11 sneaker collection, the folks at YSL have dropped this video which features several of the brand’s key footwear styles for spring. This short film’s shot in black and white and looks too play off the athletic heritage of the sneaker. The image above captures the Malibu high top sneaker in all white, one of our personal favorites.

I know you seen these, but this is the NEW NEW. Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spikes ‘Brown Velvet’ Fall/Winter 2011

Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spikes ‘Brown Velvet’ Fall/Winter 2011

Ee can show you today the latest version of the Rollerboy Spikes, one of the most popular silhouettes for men from the shoe designer. It comes in a new velvet brown version with silver spike studs all-over. You can purchase it now from their online store
This is a pick from the 2011 lookbook.


The Original Car Shoe Summer 2011

The Original Car Shoe, or simply Car Shoe, is a high fashion brand owned by Prada. Check out these latest styles for summer 2011….

Heading on meditrranean vacation?

Greek brand Med design men’s underwear and swimwear. Their Spring/Summer 2011 men’s underwear collection is showed off alongside women’s swimwear.Med underwear is high-quality and has fashionable designs and sexy styles.
Med Spring/Summer 2011 men’s underwear collection includes colorful briefs and trunks with bright waistbands. It also offers men bikinis in various shades. The color palette is bright and colorful and varies from white to pink, red, and black. The underwear is detailed with contrasting waistbands and seams, MED logo on waistbands and contrasting panels.


The most priceless gift a man can get...

Louis Vuitton Summer 2011

Meet Louis Vuitton Monogram Impression Sac Weekend! Crafted from denim fabric (treated and woven to give a vintage appearance) and leather accents... the colour of moss green and grey…saw this bag at the LV collection I was on the fence about but it grew on me …..


The Handmade Bike

DIBIK Bikes are all handmade, customized, and built in Italy. I love look and and you can just see the quality in these pedal works if art. This bike makes me wanna get out and ride the park, the DIBIK is definitely going on my Christmas list. LINK:


To Yurman or not to Yurman?

David Yurman has created on of the most distinctive silver jewelry lines , with his mix of signature braids and use of stones, Yurmam has become staple brand like the Tiffany box. Once a upon a time Yurman was geared more to more woman, having a only a few men's pieces, and a few pieces I would deem as unisex. I received my 1st Yurman bracelet as a gift a few years ago, and now like most people I.m hooked. Its a brand that you can wear multiple pieces of, to create your own look. Now in 2010, the men's line has grown tremendously to include rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and even eye wear. I once noticed one my favorite accessorizing Hip-Hop stars wearing a Yurman bracelet will we working on a TV set. It was to surprise the Big Boi of Outkast, who has made the argyle sock one his trademarks, would venture over to Yurman, and even take a step further and Host is Kids Foundation fundraiser in there store.


The Thursday Cocktail Recipe…for the Weekend

The Elegant and Timeless 
Prairie orGanic vodka, Domaine DE Canton, San Pelligrino Limonata, Fresh Ginger ,Lemon Essence

Leica iphone concept..hope this happens

There are already several different solutions to turn your iPhone into a Leica look-alike (see here, here and here). BlackDA went a step further and created a Leica i9 concept that features a rangefinder styled housing that can be attached to an iPhone via a 30-pin connector giving full access to all of the phone functionality. If this product ever materializes, the estimated cost will be between $900-$1200.


My 1st Car was a 320i, this is a 328 homage...

Dubbed the BMW 328 Hommage, this ultra-lightweight sports car was built to mirror the principles used to create the original 328. The 328 Hommage weighs in at a svelte 1,720 pounds, accomplished through the use of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. While CFRP wasn't exactly around in the 30's and 40's, BMW engineers of that era kept the 328 light through the use of aluminum and magnesium. Both cars are cut from a similar cloth to achieve a lightweight end result, even if the methods to get there are very different.

Many design elements are shared between both cars. The original 328 was one of the earliest BMW vehicles to show off the now familiar kidney grilles. Those grilles nearly jump off the face of the 328 Hommage. Out back, the wide-set taillamps help close off the wide stance that runs the length of both versions.

BMW casually mentions that the 328 Hommage is powered by a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine. Yet, we have no word on any potential output figures or what type of transmission it might be connected to. Of course,
BMW fans might remember that the automaker built a similar concept a few years ago. It was called the Mille Miglia Concept Coupe. Stunning at the time, the 328 Hommage ups the wow factor several notches. Dive into the gorgeous photos in the gallery below, and click past the jump for the full press release.