Modern Design or Nouvo Traditional

I have always had friends and associates commisioning me to help them with interior design of there living spaces , and After buying and successfully flipping a few houses i Have decided Modern design is begining has become a little too mainstream , it used to be reserved for the certain type of individual , who expressed themselves thru there home. No we live in the day of Ikea and with more and more hotels , lounges etc going to the point of ultra modern. A few years ago , I went to award winning modern home to LA to interview Sean Combs . At the time I owned very unique modern home in Atlanta , and decided it was time to sell my dream house. This modern home had everything you could ask for in modern, with skylines view's and a elevator, I never thought you could pry my body from this house. Then Usher and Tameka walked thru the door and without a for sale sign in the yard , I said I hate to sell it but… life we all grow and taste expand. Now after taking some time to travel , I'm now working on the interior of my new home. The developer built my new property in the spirit of the St. Charles street in New Orleans. Be it that I love the NO and I go every chance I get, with it's french influence its going to be my best interior/exterior design to date. I will being posting design elements that I call Nouvo Traditional.

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