The Bag

From Pharrell to the modern everyday fashionable man, the bag is back. Every man should have great weekender bag . Great classic luggage is wise investment, don't be afraid to spend little , when it comes to luggage. Tip: Its better to buy one great piece than 2 or 3 average pieces of luggage: you will save money over time and travel in-style in the meanwhile. Try finding something that expresses your personal taste , also has functionality and durability. For the duffel , leather is always a great direction, it will age and obtain character that denotes a well traveled man. Women loved a well traveled man, and you never know you may meet on that next flight. For those you hate airport handlers as much as I do , keep the leather as your carry on, and check the more heavy duty stuff. Today men have such a large selection of bags to choose from. If your feeling on the fence about carrying a bag, start with great briefcase that's not traditional , and find your way from there just how high style you wanna get….

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