Sabine Marcelis Housewine Home-Brew Installation

It’s not often that one has space for a wine cellar in their dwelling, and if they are brewing their own vintage, it’s probably in a plastic bucket in the closet. But Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis is striving to bring the fermentation process out in the open with his new Housewine home-brew kit. Intentionally a beautiful design, the unit includes all of the necessary tools required to complete the process, most of them tucked safely away in the base. The unique design of the vessels does away with many of the bulkier and unattractive elements of wine production, such as the funnel, stirrer, and primary fermentation bin. The Housewine home-brew installation would provide an interesting and aesthetically pleasing element to any living room, and would most likely look even better after sampling the fruits of its labor.

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