Tabio Cashmere Ribbed Socks

tabio socks cashmere 01 Tabio Cashmere Ribbed Socks

Cashmere socks might seem like an unnecessary luxury but that’s because they are. If you’re spending nearly as much on socks as the shoes you tie over them you should fully expect an unease to wash over you as you hand your credit card over at the till. The problem with cashmere socks is that if you’ve gone to the expense of purchasing a pair then you need to treat them right and, oh, yeah, there’s that unease again as you find yourself putting on a separate wash just for your ‘premium hoisery’. Yet, in all this we find ourselves drawn to this little bit of madness. Tabio use the finest cashmere, they tell us they remove it by hand with a comb during the spring moulting season. No shears for these guys. So, if somebody’s gone to the trouble of combing goats it seems rude, churlish even, to not buy a pair. Only as a mark of respect you understand.

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