Porsche Exclusive 911 Club Coupe

To honor the gentlemen that first got together in Westphalia, Germany to celebrate Porsche 60 years ago, the company has created the 911 Club Coupe, an exclusive car with all of the expected trappings from a car that’s been worth lustive after for six decades. The 430 horsepower comes from a Porsche Carrera S base (albeit with a Powerkit to provide a little extra juice) and a warm Espresso interior compliments a glossy coat of Brewster Green on the interior, complete with an inscription of the owner’s name. But we should probably mention that it will be tough to become an owner of a 911 Club Coupe since the German company plans on making only 13 and keeping at least one for themselves. But you can’t blame them – with a car this impressive, it’s not wrong to be a little selfish.

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