Am I going to have trade in my G-Wagon?

We’ll wait a moment while you gaze at the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X…
Now, wipe the drool….
We doubt Mercedes-Benz ever realized what they had on their hands when they first dropped the “G” moniker in 1926. Fast forward to 1979, when the G-Wagen or Geländewagen (which means: “cross-country vehicle”) went on sale to consumers, and like other military-heritage 4×4′s became a vehicle of legend. Fast forward even further to 2010, and the latest iteration of the “box on wheels”, is not only something straight out of our childhood dreams, but actually real, at least in concept – and hardly what you’d expect from the same parent company that creates Smart cars.
The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon Light Armored Patrol Vehicle 6.X (Concept), conceived by Mercedes-Benz to set a new standard in armored patrol vehicles (or lustworthy objects) and an improvement to the existing LAPV 5.4. The G-Wagon LAPV 6.X is powered by a high torque common rail diesel engine with a 1.3 ton payload capability, and capable of 93mph – something we wouldn’t want in our sight lines at full-bore. Its monocoque full steel body provides ballistic protection, a tight wheelbase that offers 50° approach and 45° departure angles, nearly 18″ of ground clearance, tire inflation system, and integration of military tech EADS systems which include vehicle data recorder, UHF/VHF communications system with Tetrapol base station capability, integrated mobile command system, and radar jamming. Something we doubt will be showing up on E classes anytime soon.
Our greatest fear though, remains the same… suburban soccer moms getting a hold of these. I may trade my G wagon in if this hits the US market.

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