Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder is an easy person to like. Being from Iowa, he’s got that grounded middle America perspective on life. Generally friendly and easy going, with a good sense of humor.

Nearly twenty years ago Todd took the plunge and moved to New York to indulge his ambition to work in the clothing business. Along the way he’s proven himself at some distinctly American brands, most notedly Ralph Lauren and then J.Crew. Then three seasons ago he launched his eponymous line to much esteem from buyers, press and consumers. After stopping by his studio this week, I can say with certainty that things are even going to get better.

The collection is very much representative of who Todd is as a person: smart and unpretentious. The line mixes military and vintage in a way that is modern, relevant and fresh. The collection includes everything from knits to tuxedos (pictured below underneath a very handsom winter parka), with the standout element being the range of Southwick-made tailored clothing.

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