Prospector Co. Grooming Products

Prospector Co. is an independent men’s grooming brand that channels a similar vibe to the Portland General Store. All of their hand-blended, small batch products feature purely natural ingredients and are designed for those who care just as much about what goes on their skin as what they drive, eat, wear, or watch. Distinctive combinations found in each of their solutions such as, grapeseed and kukui nut oils, Witch hazel and aloe, cedar water and coriander, and wormwood and avocado oil, make the line standout in terms of smell and feel, but it’s their clever branding that really creates a solid first impression. Most of their limited offerings are inspired by people with a story to tell, or as Prospector puts it, “prolific figures in history”, including American citrus pioneer Kimball Chase Atwood, North Pole exploring duo Perry & Henson, writer John Burroughs, and even the famous bearded lady, Miss Annie Jones. Together, the entire line is an excellent choice for independent thinkers looking to treat their mugs with a little more reverence after the new year — particularly if that ironic movember stash wound up maturing into a beard.

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